Mega Fortris has made a Strategic partnership on RFID technology with CaptureTech Corporation BV, in Holland. CaptureTech main focus is on designs, manufactures, implements and supports products and solutions based on passive and active RFID. This strategic platform will create focus on the security market and for logistics.

With the combined expertise from both companies, we have developed and introduced 2 revolutionary RFID solutions specifically catered for the Security Industry.


Security companies that deals with many keys are often faced with problems on how to manage the keys. On many occasions, keys are tampered with or misplaced.

The Keycaptor is designed to manage the distribution and usage of keys. The Keycaptor is fitted with an RFID chip, which will require the user the scan and weigh the keys during checkout. When returned, the keys are scanned and weighed again to ensure that the keys have been returned and that no tampering has been done.


The Intelliseal is a reusable seal which incorporates the usage of RFID technology. The Intelliseal is designed to be used in a Closed Loop and for Returnable Transport Items. Main applications for the Intelliseal will be roll containers, moneyboxes, ATM cassettes and etc..

For more information, please visit www.capturetech.nl