Flexi Klick – High Security Bolt Seal


High Security Container Bolt Seal


The pin of the Flexi Klick bolt seal is made from soft galvanized wire. This greatly reduces the risk of the cut-off parts from causing damage to the truck tires. Compared to the rigid steel pins of traditional bolt seals.

This feature brings cost savings to larger trucking companies and/or truck terminals, or any operational area where larger quantities of flexible bolt seals are being removed.

Compared to rigid steel bolt seals, the Flexi Klick is easier to cut when using a standard bolt cutter. It is the perfect security seal for organizations challenged with removing or applying larger volumes of security seals on a daily basis.


1. Laser engraved dual numbering on both the pin and bush prevents parts substitution.

2. The anti-spin feature protects against friction attacks.

3. Compared to a rigid steel bolt seal, the Flexi Klick is safer to cut. The flexibility of the pin eliminates the ricochet or “bullet effect” created when most rigid steel bolt pins are cut by a bolt cutter.

4. The flexibility of the pin allows for easy application on container/trailer door latches that have been bent out of shape after years of use.

5. The extra long pin of the Flexi Klick makes this seal perfect for truck trailers with roll down door latches that require additional pin length.

6. The flexible pin made from galvanized wire provides excellent protection against crude tools such as hammers, crow bars and steel pipes. Upon impact, the pin will bend, not break.

7. The pin and bush are joined together for easy handling.